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June 22nd - Dr. Lloyd Human Energizing

Dr. Dean Lloyd drops in for his regular visit to talk about Human Energizing, also You Can't Trust the Mainstream Media and I have definitive proof for why.


You can't trust the media, the biggest voice in all media right now is Joe Rogan. I have decided that Joe is actually dumb and not just playing dumb. His exchange with, and subsequent defenses of, Terrance Howard proves it. Just as I said was extremely likely to be the case, Dr. Tyson did and has again addressed Howard, with all the love and respect which can be mustered in the face of the demonstrably stupid.

You can't trust the media, because they don't know what they're talking about even when they claim to be an expert, even when the available data is easily had to disprove their guesses and misunderstandings. Wont help a damn bit with the lies. Why is this guy writing about the Star Wars Solo movie? When it is abundantly clear he has no idea what he's talking about and doesn't care about getting it right.
Dr. Lloyd Human Energizing

Last Time on Toward Anarchy

June 14th - Us Time

With so much going on I thought it was important to spend some time together and catch up on us and talk about the 1st Amendment and Other Useless Rights


Trad-Wife influencer said the N-word got fired and cried Free Speech! Of course, she has the "right" to say any stupid thing she wants, but it has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. The sooner people figure that out, the better. And given that it's a real simple concept that every American should know and understand, it's sad that I need to point out that the 1st Amendment is supposedly a protection from government, not a protection from other consequences, not from your job, or your neighbor, or the people you offend in any other circumstance.

Immersive phone tech is coming to your cell phone, sooner than later and while on the surface it sounds like a great new way for you and I to hear a phone call, what I see is a souped up government listening device that can not only hear voices but triangulate the location of any sound source in a room.
Us Time

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