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March 3rd - Anarchist Audit

With a new direction and time slot for the show, rather than continue to give you just a taste of the uncounted number of ideas I consider each week, I thought I would step it up a level. I work through story after story and paper after paper not in any particular effort to find content for the show, but to be able to frame any conversation I have anywhere in the context of current events and headlines in the news. I collect any number of links and end up sharing just a couple of them each week, but with the expansion of the show I have the opportunity to share and expound on more of the things I find interesting and or important. Welcome to The Anarchist Audit.


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Anarchist Audit

February 25th - Social Application pt 2

Dr. Dean Lloyd is back to continue our conversation on Social Application and using The Four Fundamental Factors of all social development to independently and collectively reach a natural and balanced social system.


They're over there all "Watch out, AI has a pro-democrat, liberal, progressive bias that could swing the election", and I'm over here all "What difference does it make, they're all socialist thieves!"

I was a guest on The Crypto Podcast with Roy Coughlan we chat about the bright future, and the dangers, of digital money including Central Bank Digital Currencies.
Social Application pt 2

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