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December 3rd - Cutting Corners

Please stop cutting corners. Do it for me, do it for yourself, do it for the love of god! It's a life lesson today as I work directly in real time on my speech patterns in an effort to improve my communications and to directly reach an audience I've had no access to in 30 years of broadcasting.


So-called "good cops" are fleeing the cities, particularly leftist progressive cities where crime is rampant and police are hindered by annoying things like the right of self-defense and the legally recognized rights of all citizens they've sworn to uphold. This mass exodus is causing concern over opening the door to lower quality unqualified pigs. Let's be clear. No man is qualified to police otherwise peaceful people in public for his own profit and the reinforcement of The State's monopoly on force and justice.

Take a look at the image below. In its original presentation it is meant to suggest a particular bias. The claim in the meme is a familiar one to you I've no doubt; the NWO, Illuminati, Globalist agenda is to actively manipulate reality and that they're going to tell you about it in some random television show a decade before they do it. Something to do with spiritual cleansing to avoid karmic retribution through openly exposing their own evil deeds. Yes, on the Big Bang Theory S6E10, the whiteboard did say "DNA tracking = PCR + SS DNA Seg" (or Seq). This is not a Photoshop. does it mean something? Is it so-called predictive programming or just a coincidence and reference to a well known decades old procedure on a show known for using real science and scientific theories?
December 3rd - Cutting Corners

November 19th - Turning It Around

Dr Dean Lloyd is a facilitator and healer trained in multiple traditions and his goal is to help individuals connect body mind and spirit to shape and guide their health decisions and to fundamentally change the face of modern health care by doing so. Dr. Lloyd is back and he's here to help us realize that Turning It Around is entirely possible and up to us.


No person is fit to govern another, so a Constitution based on the faulty premise that many persons are fit to govern, and representing a clear centralization of power, is A Constitution That Is Not Fit To Govern. Too bad the masses just won't see the next logical step in society is to completely, not compartmentally, remove the useless middle-men called government.

Dr. Robert Malone went before Congress to tell about the dangers and direct links to cancer caused by DNA found in Covid-19 Vaccines.
November 19th - Turning It Around

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