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May 18th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Facilitator and Healer Dr. Dean Lloyd asks are you running in circles or taking aim and moving toward a solution? And he has some tools to help you remedy that lost/helpless feeling.


It's National Police Week, a time when we all stop to remember those lost and consider how it's their own fault and they deserve what they get.

I have to deal with it in video games and all the collectible card games that I sell through the comic book shop, now I have to worry about Government Power Creep too.
Dr. Dean Lloyd

Last Time on Toward Anarchy

May 11th - Anam Paiseanta

Anam Paiseanta is a Realestate Investor/Mentor, founding member of the Voluntarist MC (Motorcycle Club) and CEO of the Connector App. We chat about how the Connector App will help like minded people connect and network. While it was started with anarchists and voluntaryists in mind, Anam recognizes the power of the app to connect businesses, clubs, and other organizations, really anyone anywhere, with people who think and act within a similar mindset and morality. We also take some time to bash the Constitution and the "Rights" statists pretend they're protecting through participating in the political system.


Price Controls didn't work 4,000 years ago and they still don't work today.

Are the political left, the progressives, smarter than the conservatives of the political right? Hell no, and any new study that says they are is clearly a social control experiment and completely full of...
Anam Paiseanta

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