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On the Next Toward Anarchy

1-3pm Sunday February 23rd

Luis Fernando Mises anarchist, activist, founder of Emancipated Human, we'll absolutely talk about that. Luis is just back from Anarcapulco so I'll probably ask about that. We'll for sure play a game of word association.


Critical Thinking an Over-looked Prepper / Prepping Skill?

They Can't Censor Your Website if They Can't Control Your URL.


Last Time

Sunday February 16th

Michael Howell returns to the show. He's back to talk with me about how vitally important it is that the Federal Reserve be abolished. End The Fed.


CIA Literally at Heart of Global Encryption.

Questioning Intellectual Property.



March 1st Jeff Martinez

March 8th Tony Z and Axel of Immortal Synn!!!

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