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July 13th - Project 2025

Can I explain what Project 2025 is inside two hours? Sure, I can sum it up in two minutes, but it'll take two hours to berate the right and the left for their stupidity and hatred and their weaponization of the system against each other.


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Project 2025

Last Time on Toward Anarchy

July 6th - Underground Comics

Anarchist unboxing a small collection of 60's and 70's 'Underground Comics' comic books and talk about the era, the art, the politics, the history, what it all means in today's world of AI art and politically driven social movements like ComicsGate and GamerGate


You'll find no link here, just a side note. I'm done talking about COVID. I was right all along and watching the media and the legal system play catch-up does not amuse me or make me happy that I was.

Here is an article full of bad advice. There has been a push for some time now to convince people to use password software and to keep your passwords online and off-site. Just how are YOU in control of YOUR passwords when YOU are not responsible for them.
Underground Comics

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