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Toward Anarchy Live

Sunday January 19th

Enigmatic entrepreneur, mad-man, booty-lover, John McAfee is my guest to satiate my entirely self-serving desire to chat with a true living legend. I'm told he's running for president, so maybe that comes up?


Kansas House Members Separated and Bussed off to Military Base, Seems Legit.

Have you seen this UFO footage? Taken in 2018 apparently... by MY cousin Doug.


Last Time

Sunday January 12th

My literal brother from another mother Michael "Cactusman" Gaglio joins the show to talk about conservation and environmental consulting.


Pharma Science Study Claims Can't be Replicated by Peers so go Ahead and Keep to that Vaccine Schedule.

Bird Population Concerns with No Cause Stated Being Used as a Pretext for More Environmental Controls?



January 26th - Adam Kokesh 2020 Presidential Candidate.

February 2nd Ronnie Philips co-host of Heartland Waterfowl.

Soon, Jamie Brown, producer, lead singer of The Band Roxanne returns to the show.

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