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Saturday on Toward Anarchy

April 20th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Facilitator Healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is Evolving the Species working with individuals to maximize their health connecting the body, mind and spirit and he makes his monthly housecall to talk about the Power Tool of Mirroring.


As the population contiunes unchecked, disease will spread, environment will degrade, and the population will be reduced. Oh, and it's true of deer too. Until then, A Warning for hunters about CWD transmission to humans after long-term exposure to infected deer.

My once grand and beautiful Home State of Colorado has taken one step closer to becoming a socialist totatlitarian shit-hole with passing of Semi-Automatic Ban.
Dr. Dean Lloyd

Last Time on Toward Anarchy

April 13th - Canadian Libertarian

Bennett Hunter is the Canadian Libertarian he joins me for an outsider's look at and conversation about America's collapsing political and social systems and the Hope of Anarchy.


After doing a little song and dance to distract the people, Congress has pushed through reauthorization of FISA. FISA, the decades old political response to violations of privacy and rights by the Nixon Administration supposedly hinders the government's ability to surveil people and their information without legal cause.

It's always nice to put a name and face on a thing and in the cases of government overreach and the reasons why it continues to grow out of control invading every aspect of our lives, it's imperative. The Shirky Principle is the idea that a person or group, a business or government, acting purely to justify their own existence will create or exacerbate the problems that fall under their purview.
Canadian Libertarian

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