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September 24th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Dr Dean Lloyd is a facilitator and healer trained in multiple traditions and his goal is to help individuals connect body mind and spirit to shape and guide their health decisions and to fundamentally change the face of modern health care by doing so.


The tit for tat of democracy and the socialist battle for control over the ill-gotten gains of taxation continues with political pundits arguing over who is the worst tyrant.

Austrian economist Leonard E. Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education wrote the essay I, Pencil in an issue of the Freeman. It is a first Pencil account, if you will, of its own creation and all the economic activity that went into its creation. The overarching point of the essay being that the market is a natural thing that corrects itself. Someone went and made a six minute movie and I share it with you.
September 24th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

September 17th - Nick Meyer

Nick Meyer is the One Armed Madman, host of the Too Hard for the Radio Podcast. He makes his return to cover a topic that we touched on in our last converation, transhumanism.


Blackrock State Street and Vanguard, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues to shout out the names of the Three Corporations Who Run The World and how they are screwing us and taking over the planet.

Everyone claims that the media is biased and can't be trusted. Well, maybe science can tell us if it's true and if so, Which Major News Outlets are Biased and Which are Reliable?
September 17th - Nick Meyer

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