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May 28th - Dean Lloyd

Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is evolving the species, helping us through the growing and healing processes by connecting body mind and spirit. He joins me to chat about one of my favorite topics, communication. Improving communication is essential to our future as a stateless society. We must be able to communicate our personal needs and wants in constructive ways that produce natural want in others to communicate with us. We face this challenge at a time when we are advancing our communication tools and the reach of our communications faster than we are advancing our ability to successfully communicate interpersonally let alone publicly and with the intent to influence. Join the conversation via chat at the link below or call 512-248-8252 if you'd like to speak with Dr. Lloyd personally.


The current exploration into the mental health benefits of psychadelics and their subsequent legalization completely misses the point.

When Doctors Gaslight their patients the pain and the danger is real.
May 28th - Dean Lloyd

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

May 21st - J.V. Hilliard

J.V. Hilliard is Author of Last Keeper the first book in the Warminster Series a thrilling fantasy adventure and a lifelong pursuit. We'll talk about the important points and challenges of authoring fantasy stories, and we'll chat about a mutual favorite of mine personally, Dungeons and Dragons.


A personal invite from me to you, join me for a adventure or two on Dungeons and Dragons Online. I am guildmaster of a max level guild for support and buffs. Find us on the Khyber Server, I'm Dienwo of the Harbor Rats guild.

Is AI a looming spectre for the creative, the under-skilled, the living? Or is the Future of Generative AI just boring?
May 21st - J.V. Hilliard

Robert P Murphy agrees with me about the law and justice in the absence of the state. While he covers a lot more detail in his description, it's clear we both believe that the free market will serve justice to protect people and property.

Lysander Spooner said in 1875 that Vices are Not Crimes in his classic "Vindication of Moral Liberty" with some words from Murray Rothbard 200 years later.
May 14th - Elizabeth Mikotowicz

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